Seller, the Lanin family
Everyone is creative in this family. The mother’s name is Olga and she is a stay at home mom. She is only responsible for raising the kids, so Tanja, Olja and Misja do activities like handicrafts, drawing, sports and writing poetry. They got an interest for collecting vintage things from their mother. Each of the children has their own toys and all three of them have their favorites. No one remembers when the panda came to their home. Maybe it was a gift from someone. But because none of the kids are that attached to the panda the Lanin family had decided to sell it so that it won’t sit around gathering dust.

Buyer, Ksjusja:
I took a trip down to the secondhand market with a friend and I saw the panda and I liked it a lot. When my friend saw I was interested in it he bought and gave it to me as a gift immediately. I have a whole zoo of plush toys at home. I hope that my animals and my cat Tuuli (tuuli means wind in Finnish) welcome the panda into the family. I am a student. Sometimes it is nice to come home after a hard day of studying and see all of the animals.

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