The dress from Rome

Seller, Anna Kalasjnik:
I bought this dress, which is really comfortable to wear in warm weather, while I was on a trip in Italy. My dream city Rome turned out to be warm and beautiful, but my suitcase was filled with clothes for Nordic temperatures. That’s why I bought this dress on the street, like I usually do, and I wore it for all of the three days I was in Rome. I decided to sell it because my closet is overflowing with new dress that I don’t even get a chance to wear. I show respect for the new clothes by getting rid of the old.

Buyer, Elena Dseba:
I liked this dress because it is easy to wear and its style is suited for the summer. I was supposed to go on holiday by the sea but I didn’t have any armless dresses. When I found out that the dress was Italian I bought it right away. I can speak Italian but I have never been there. Thanks to the dress I have come a step closer to my dream of going there.

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