Housewife dress

Seller, Therese Bakkevold 3 years after she sold the dress:
I bought the dress at Velouria Vintage in Grünerløkka in Oslo when I lived there. The store had just opened and I bought five dresses all at once!

But I’ve never worn the dress, maybe once. It turned out to be a little too tight. Now I regret selling it because today it would have certainly fit me. I regret having sold things at a secondhand market – sometimes I think about things I think I have in my closet and then I find out I have sold them. Before I moved back to Tromsø I often bought used things but I didn’t think I could sell things myself. During the last few years I have been to several markets. The secondhand market at Verdensteateret, where I sold the dress, was the first one I sold things at. Back then I was really broke and the money I earned actually went to buying food.

Buyer, Inger Johanne Sæterbakk:
Almost everything in my apartment is secondhand. When I take things out of my grandmother’s storage space she begins to tell stories. Secondhand things are environmentally friendly, but that’s not why I have them. I’ve got them because I think they are great. At the secondhand market I just buy things and think: I’ve at least got to get them before someone else does. I’m pretty bad at allowing others to get things I think are great. I haven’t actually tried the dress on before you came to visit. I think I’ll use it when I’m on my summer holidays.

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