Bottle Collection

Seller, Ann Heidi Adriansen:
I won the bottles at a village bingo, but now I’m taking them to the secondhand market. We often go to sell things there, things we have either inherited from estates or our own belongings. We try to think about what is good to sell according which season it is. In the beginning we sold old dresses at ridiculous prices. We didn’t know they could be so popular. The money we make goes to projects in Zambia where I have been working.

Buyers, Erle and Johanne Sonstad Blix:
We collect glass objects. The blue one has the most valuable; it’s Erle’s. We share the yellow, orange and green ones from the market. The apples are from Hadeland and the blue dolphin is from Denmark. We have bought a lot of glass objects from the Russian woman at the square. Erle got the orange butterfly as a gift. The sheep is from Riga; it’s made of amber. The parrot is Russian. It’s a cockatoo.

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