The dress with orange flowers

Seller, Nina Erdahl, 3 years after she sold the dress:
I get a lump in my throat when I look at a photo of the dress. It belonged to the grandmother of my ex. She was a very special, fantastic lady. I don’t know why I sold the dress; I actually regret it a little. I took it with me to the market because I was doing a major clearing up in the costume wardrobe. There was a water leak. A lot of the other 70s dresses that I sold were ones that I bought in secondhand stores in London, and I didn’t have a personal relationship to them. Now that I am moving into a new location I could really use that dress since I am trying to build up my costume wardrobe with clothing from different eras for use in films. I was very ambivalent about selling the dress; it was a gift. And you are not supposed to give away gifts.

Buyer, Siv Bente Johansen, 3 years after she bought the dress:
On the one hand it is beautiful, on the other is it ugly. I like it that way and it fits my style. It has an open back with a bow at the bottom. I could see what kind of shoes I would have with it and how I would wear my hair. The shape of it is just fantastic and it fit perfectly. I was completely sure that I was going to wear it a lot. My teenage daughter is very fashion conscious and she thinks I have good taste. I’m pretty proud of that. When I came home with the dress she said to the contrary no, “you can’t wear that mum” For her it was just ugly and had nothing pretty about it. It was not possible to wear it when my daughter was around and so then I didn’t wear it otherwise either. I have put it on many times but I have not actually worn it out. It was ruined for me, it’s a little sensitive.

NB! After the interview Siv gave the dress back to Nina.

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