The dress from Norway

Seller, Live Hanne Haugen:
The dress is big and eye-catching. I like long dresses with narrow hips and puffy sleeves. Since I work in performing arts I am always on the lookout for uniquely expressive costumes. This one is fun, pretty timeless and it is not often that you can get your hands on this type of dress. I bought it at the Secondhand Impro project For what it’s worth…where I was participating in it as a dancer in Tromsø, and it has been used in a couple of performances afterwards. I thought it was a nice thing to take with me further on to the Secondhand Impro project in Russia, both as a costume and as something to sell. I almost regret selling it but it is also absolutely wonderful to get rid of things. Besides, the woman who bought it was a really cool and beautiful person. I hope the dress has a good life in Russia. It is really a dress that’s lived an exciting life.

Buyer, Olga Simonova:
It was love at first sight for me with this dress. It has unusual colors and it is really long and stylish. The first time I saw it was when the owner was wearing it during the performance. As soon as it was back on the rack I tried it on and bought it right away. That very same night I had it on when I went to a party. All of my friends were excited about my purchase and I was really taken aback when I noticed that some of the colors in the dress reflected the lights in the discotheque. Despite it being a vintage dress, it is a modern one.

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