Seller, Olga Lanina:
We have a lot of things from the Soviet era. We moved to a new apartment with the kids and the previous tenants were a big Soviet family. We found a lot of things in the closest and on the shelves like magazines and journals and some sporting goods. We are not going to sell the things the kids play with because these things help expand their conceptualization of an era that’s past. Even the picture of Lenin from the magazine Ogonjok tells more about the Communist leader than modern history textbooks do. This makes it so that our kids, in contrast to their fellow students, know what Oktjabrjata, Pioneers, Komsomol members and Communists were. We want to sell the Soviet era rackets because the kids don’t like to play badminton.

Buyer, Vladimir Lasarev:
I’m really sentimental. The rackets remind me of my Soviet childhood when a lot of kids played badminton in the streets. I have a little daughter but I can’t play badminton with her yet. But my wife might be willing do it with me. She is a doll maker and she sits a lot when she works, so some moving around is good for her. I even want to lose a little weight. I am a ship builder and I am often out at sea both as a captain and as a part of the crew. In between the seasons I let myself to be lazy and I put on some winter fat. The rackets will keep me in shape. I bought them and put them in the trunk so that I would be able to take them out and get some exercise when I’m out traveling.

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