Spools of thread

Seller, Natalija Todua:
I grew up in a time when all of the women could make their own dresses. There was a shortage of good clothing in the shops but you could actually find good fabric, thread and accessories. My mother was a seamstress and I inherited a large collection of thread from the Soviet era. They are of good quality, 100% cotton. Today, you don’t see those in the shops that often. Most thread is synthetic. I don’t sew often so I have decided to sell the thread. For those that are good at sewing these will be a real treat.

Buyer, Maria Grakun:
It is important for me that things are natural. I have been looking for thread like this for a long time. If you really yank hard you can break the thread but it is durable when you go over the seams. I am going to give birth to a girl at any minute so it is important for me to keep my house and sewing things tidy. And waiting for a new person to be born.

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