Grandmother’s purse

Seller, Timofei Lavin:
The purse was sitting at home for many years. I remember from childhood that there were old photographs, my grandfather’s compass, stamps and photos of Soviet actors in it. Before, it belonged to my grandmother. Now it doesn’t have an owner. The purse is at home like a museum piece and not an item that would be used every day. I am selling it because I know that purses like these are considered to be vintage. I’m sure there is someone out there that will appreciate its style. The purse is of good quality and made of genuine leather with a silk lining.

Buyer, Kobedeva Elena:
Since childhood I have dreamt of a purse like this. I remember asking my mother all the time to buy me a purse like it. But my mother didn’t even have expensive things at that time. Right now I am very fond of the Soviet style. I even feel some nostalgia for that era. Then you had fewer things and you appreciated them more. I like secondhand markets, vintage things and furniture. I have just moved into a new apartment and it is really messy there and not everything has found its place yet. But I hope that both the purse and other expensive things from the Soviet era will. If you think that the purse is going to be lying around like it is part of an exhibition then you are wrong. I am going to use it every day. It is after all a real treasure. And I have to show it off to everybody.

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