The Soviet dress

Seller, Timofei Lavin
–       This is my mother’s dress. I don’t remember that time when there was a total shortage of things but my mother has told me that in the beginning of the 1990s the shelves in the stores were empty and you were lucky if you got a hold of a nice dress. One day she heard a rumor that dresses were on sale in the closest shop. She had to stand in a long queue during her lunch break and then she bought three dresses. She gave one of them as a gift to her mother while she kept the other two for herself. This one is the last one in the ‘collection’. Together with my mother we have decided to sell the dress. It is unfashionable and uncomfortable to wear. At home my mother walks around in sweatpants and t-shorts. When she goes out she puts on something nice. The dress is just hanging in the closet.

Buyer, Ingvill Fossheim:
–       This is not just a dress. Its history is from the Soviet era and it is a memento from a nice experience I got to have through an art project in Tromsø and Russia. I didn’t wear the dress the summer after I bought it, it is a little big, and I considered giving it away or taking it in so it would fit but I haven’t decided how I am going to do that yet. Since I work with costumes, I collect clothes with good stories which I can also use as costumes. I have inherited clothes from my mother, grandmother and aunt, which have sailed the seven seas with my uncle. I have lived a nomadic life and when I wear the clothes I have inherited then something from those people are with me.

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