The dress from Barcelona

Seller, Anna Kalasjnik
I bought this dress in Barcelona and because I was angry. A friend of mine had bought a lot of nice dresses while I had spent my time going through all of the museums and tourist attraction but I hadn’t found anything good to buy. And when a street merchant on the beach offered the dress to me for 20 Euro but I really haggled for it and got it for 10 euro in the end.

Why am I selling it? In Barcelona I got severely sunburnt and when I came back to Petrozavodsk I wanted to celebrate my birthday wearing my new dress. My friends teased me a little because my skin was the same color as the dress. And they called me strawberry for a long time afterwards.

Buyer, Olga Simonova:
I liked the dress because of its colors. They are very strong for our Nordic nature. And it matches my new shoes perfectly.

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