Autors and the books

Authors and the books
Kristin and Morten pick out books at the secondhand bookshop in Tromsø to sell them at the Secondhand Impro “For what it’s worth” in Tromsø. They were invited as artists and their project was a curated book sale with blurbs from the publishers still in the books.

Seller and author, Morten Wintervold:
The memory of putting books on display and having a few of them stand out makes me enthusiastic. I wanted to challenge the idea about what is considered new in the publishing industry. Four years after a book is published the publishers burn the remaining inventory. I was keen on putting out good works that were maybe 20 years-old but still had high level of quality. This intermediate segment in the book market, which contains neither bestsellers nor canonized works, becomes easily invisible even though that’s where most good literature is found.

Seller and author Kristin Eriksen Bjørn:
I had just read “The Song of the Red Ruby” by Agnar Mykle again when I found it at the secondhand bookstore. The first time I read it I was 15 and I just skipped ahead to the pages that had something to do with sex. And then I came across a paperback copy of it while traveling and I thought I would give it another chance, and I discovered that it was a really good book.

I brought along “Karlson-on-the-Roof” by Astrid Lindgren because I had just heard someone say that you could divide people into two categories: those that like the character of Karlson and those who don’t. Those that like Karlson have little respect for authority and they are the kind of great people who think for themselves. On the contrary, Karlson scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. It is a lot easier to like him as an adult. A guy like him is especially needed in the arts – a person that doesn’t do things in order to adapt to a system, one that has a lot of faith in himself and can be quite selfish.

Buyer and author, Sigbjørn Skåden:
I bought “The Song of the Red Ruby” by Agnar Mykle and “Karlson-on-the-Roof” by Astrid Lindgren. I already had a copy of “The Song of the Red Ruby”, one in a seedy paperback edition. I have such fine memories from reading it when I was quite young. It was a really important book for me, as it has been for so many others, and I really wanted to have a copy of it in a proper edition. The one I bought is not from a special old edition but it is from the 60s and it looks good. Actually, I have not read it again since buying it. I loaned it to a Swedish girl here in town who wanted to get to know Norwegian literature better and I thought that the book was definitely appropriate for that.

I just bought “Karlson-on-the-Roof” even though I don’t have children. I am not even an uncle! But I think I might be a father or an uncle one day and I like to buy classic children’s books when I come across them, especially ones from the Sami culture, which can be hard to get. Karlson is a funny character. He is not just a sympathetic person – a lot of people would probably think is too unsympathetic for a character in a children’s book. Maybe we need characters like that, too.

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