The dress with blue flowers

Seller, Ellen Mersland who runs a secondhand shop:
I had simply used the dress for all it was worth. It is so special that there is a limit to how
many times you can wear that type of dress if you don’t find yourself in a lot of different social circles. I bought it used but I don’t remember where I got it. I always buy a lot of secondhand things such as clothes and furniture. I just bought a house and it came with furnishings so I could just move in with only my suitcases. It was very practical. Now I am running a secondhand shop that includes clearing up of residences where people have moved or have died. It wouldn’t be summer without a proper auction from a deceased person’s estate! The dress is nice. When I look at the photo of it I regret selling it.

Buyer, Nina Rosenlund:
The dress has a really nice blue color. The pattern almost looks a little Spanish. I don’t really have any dresses that look like this one, neither in style or cut. I bought it because I was pregnant and noticed that there was a lot of space in it for my stomach. But I have worn it after my child was born. The dress might be a little big and flaps around too much.

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