For what it’s worth…


How do objects get their value

– and when do they become trash?

For what it’s worth is a photo documentary and a performing arts project by Hege Pålsrud. The photo documentary follows objects as they go from seller to buyer at a secondhand market in Tromsø and in the Russian city of Petrozavodsk.

Within the objects themselves they contain stories about unforgettable grandmothers, impulse shopping, Jesus paintings no one wants, dreams of Rome, charity for Zambia, Soviet nostalgia, opulence and bad advice. At the market this is all put into motion by writers, jugglers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, light designers, set designers, video artists and actors. It is called Secondhand Impro.

It’s all about the objects’ value. What is trash for some people is treasure for others. These trivial things tell us about how we are always changing, and about the world we live in.

Photographer Ingun Mæhlum follows the objects’ journey. The interviews are done by Nathalia Sevets-Ermelova and Hege Pålsrud.